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If you’re reading this page, it’s clear that you want to know “what is SEO?” Or “why do you need SEO services?". You may even be asking “how can SEO help my website?” or “how much should I pay for SEO services?”

Welcome to unleash Australian Web Traffic powerful search engine optimisation services on your website. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are the conduit through which a large percentage of the world’s internet traffic flows, thus choose a right marketing strategy that gives you the highest return on investment.

The internet has now become the primary source, wherein 95% of the searches happen on Google with Search Engine OPTIMISATION (SEO) being the best method to integrate marketing campaigns.

Our SEO Process

Keyword Research

Keyword research is a process of identifying the most important keywords for our website. Keyword research requires keyword research tools which can help us find most relevant keywords for our website.

Competition Analysis

Identify who are your competition by doing competition analysis. You can do competition analysis using various SEO software and competition analysis tools. In this article you will learn about competition analysis in detail

SEO Audit

Audit current website and ranking of current website for selected keywords, this will give you basic idea about what can be improved on your website. SEO Audit is very important part of SEO Process.

On-Page SEO Optimization

Identifying On-page optimization requirements and site structure

Off-Page Optimization

Build links, promote your website in social media


Social media submission

Measure results

Traffic and Rankings

Improve Results

Benefits of SEO

  • Cost less when compared to Adwords and PPC.
  • Definite increase in Traffic
  • Improves Brand Credibility, people trust Google
  • Best ROI’s in Advertising
  • Your competitors are doing
  • Unlimited clicks
  • 24/7 365 days appearance on the 1st page of Google
  • Month-To-Month Contracts
  • It’s a Permanent Solution

What is SEO?

It's Simpler Than You Think!

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings or visibility through online marketing so that it performs well in organic search.

In search results ranking highly for search terms which are known as keywords, Google™ displays links to pages it considers relevant and authoritative which increases the visibility of a website and leads to a higher number of visitors to the actual website. Authority is mostly measured by analysing the number and quality of links from other web pages.

In simple terms your web pages have the potential to rank in Google™ so long as other web pages link to them.

In short: you can’t convert site visitors into sales if they can’t find your website to begin with. Your site isn’t going to perform the way that it ought to unless you have an SEO strategized under the white hat process. With over one billion active websites in existence, gaining a strong presence is vital. Most consumers will regularly turn to Google and other search engines when starting their web searches.

The world is a complicated and interconnected digital landscape that requires knowledge and experience to truly benefit from SEO is by far the most cost effective, long term online marketing strategy for any business Get a FREE SEO Analysis

Why Choose Us?

  • We follow Google parameters and practices.
  • SEO done on white hat technique
  • SEO agents are well experienced
  • Keywords that bring results
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Better understanding of Google algorithm

Now Ready To Start?

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FAQ   About SEO

In our digital era, almost every website out there needs optimization for better ranking and results.

Think about the process that you take when you are looking for a new vendor or business to work with. Before you simply pick one out of the phone book, you probably do a little bit of research. You might call up a few friends or business owners and ask who they use for the specific service you are seeking. Based on their recommendations, you might then narrow down your list to a few companies. You might then do research online, visit the businesses in person, or look for reviews. Based on all of this criteria, you will then feel confident picking the top company to work with.

Similarly with SEO which is unarguably the best way to connect with your targeted consumers will allows your website to be considered against multiple factors such as website quality, popularity and user satisfaction. Thus it will increase in the searches every day your business is bound to benefit with increased in ranking in turn increase in traffic and believe it or not increases your conversion which is your real time customers, without the factors listed above, you would have trouble picking a business to work with – and without SEO, Google would have trouble picking a website to rank #1.

Keywords are search terms that people type into Google, when they want to find goods or services.

The key words can be suggest but not finalised by me. We normally take input from you 1st like ‘Which area’s do you want to target your customer and which services would like to promote’. We forwarded this information to our Microsoft certified SEO specialist, they look into few parameters such as competition, traffic, domain popularity and your competitors site analysis.

Rankings in SEO refers to a website’s position in the search engine results page (SERP). There are various ranking factors that influence whether a website appears higher on the SERP based on the content relevance to the search term, or the quality of backlinks pointing to the page. Every search engine gives different weights to these ranking factors which is why when you enter the same search term in different search engines you will generally get different results.

The average time for websites to rank on Google through optimization (SEO) techniques is within three to four months depending on keyword competition. That’s right - jumping to the front of Google’s results usually takes between 90-120 days, depending on the competitiveness of your industry and popularity of your keywords. Less competitive keywords can rank within hours, days, weeks or just in few months. But any competitive keywords can take for several reasons such as competition, domain age, content quality etc.

Off page refers to how authoritative is your site or how popular is it?

Off-page SEO is about increasing the domain authority of your domain in your industry through the act of getting links. For example If you have a bathtub with rubber duckies in it (the ducks are your pages), and you start filling the tub with water (links), your duckies are all going to rise to the top. This is how a site like Wikipedia ranks for pretty much everything under the sun. It has so much water in its bathtub that if you throw another rubber duck in it, it's going to float to the top without any other effort. There's a score called "Domain Authority" that calculates how authoritative your website is compared to other sites. You can type your domain name into here to see your score. In general, off Page SEO has to do with promotion methods – beyond website design –for the purpose of ranking a website higher in the search results.

We respects the do-it yourself attitude, and our roots are planted in the entrepreneurial spirit. SEO is not magic, and it can be done at home, however most individuals do not have the expensive software and the man hours that it takes to get a website listed on Google, nor do they have the time. Unfortunately what happens most of the time when people attempt to do SEO is that they misplace backlinks, and cause irreparable damage to their site that will prevent them from getting ranked on the top of any search engines. In some cases Google will actually sandbox the website for a period of 12-36 months so even your current customers can’t find you.

SEO costs are usually based on the keyword competition level that needs to be promoted. Up-front work usually happens on the on-page optimisation, while the off-page SEO is done on a regular on-going basis. Please fill our enquiry form and we’ll call you shortly.

In having a domain or website, it may be better to leave the SEO until your website or domain is at least 6 months old while Google crawl happens. A web or a domain less than six months old is considered a “new” site in Google and therefore less trustworthy or reliable than an older website that has been thoroughly verified. New sites can still be ranked, but rankings are more likely to increase after the six-month window. However during these early stages, on-page SEO can be done. However, this would typically just be once-off work. Foundation links should also be created during this time. These would include links from social media profiles. Business directories links can also be created. However starting SEO campaign on a brand new site is not a problem but just be prepared for it to take a bit longer to rank that it would an older site. Considering SEO is quite an investment, starting at the right time will help you see results with the minimum spend.

The number of backlinks depends on traffic, competition and your competitor site analysis, I would rather say we focus on having quality backlinks rather than the number of backlinks which is a common mistake these days.

Also to keep you informed 1 high quality backlink can be worth 100+ low quality backlinks. Therefore, it’s simply not a number game in which whoever has the most backlinks ranks highest. Thus you need to get the balance right between the number of backlinks you have and the quality of the backlinks you have.

Black Hat: Here the website can pop up in 30 days on the first page but, it won’t last more than 3 months because once the Google scroll takes place & detects that your website has been optimized using the Black hat, it will send your website link into spam, Hence you can’t use that link in the future.

White Hat: This is what we do, we refer to the Google books, policy & norms & do exactly what Google ask us to do on your site & that is the only reason to knock out your competitors, it usually takes within 90-120 days.

A sign of best SEO company depends on its personal credibility such as being punctual, polite, presentable, personable and keeping up its promises so as to build trustworthiness and its expertise towards SEO, many of us would have heard of the horror stories of business being taken for a ride by SEO Snake Oil salesman apart from their constant stream of junk mail promising dodgy 'first place Google'. Having said, it is important, to consider a company’s credibility before choosing a company.

SEO is not something once done will find results in Google forever, SEO actually involves an on-going link building of your website to help your site continue to gain rankings for related keywords and will help maintain your current rankings. If SEO is stopped, naturally the rankings will start to drop over time and bringing back the drifted keyword is even the more difficult.

We are aware that other companies are offering SEO packages for lot lesser price but It’s is important to realize what you are getting when you sign up for a company like this because they could be freelancers just trying to gain your attention.

Companies offering lesser price will merely submit your URL to Google, such efforts are not enough to take in order to get your website placed on the top of Google. Australian Web Traffic uses white hat methods such as: website back linking, content marketing, social media, directory URL submission and many more to improve the quality of your website.

That’s a nice question; Let me explain that Google works on a meta-crawlic system, which means there are thousands of business who enter Google every day and move out, hence the position or ranking cannot be fixed, however what Australian Web Traffic guarantee is to bring your keywords on the 1st page of Google. Since organic search engine optimization is too complicated and the algorithm changes too frequently to feasibly guarantee any position or rankings. Thus it’s plainly unethical to make this kind of promise, because SEO agencies/companies work for Google, not with them.